Promoting the choice to mediate

About the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators

Members of PCM

Members of PCM come from all aspects of the dispute resolution field. They include administrators and volunteers at community mediation centers; mediators and facilitators who work with corporate and government clients; attorneys who offer mediation as an option to clients engaged in disputes about issues ranging from custody to business contracts; administrators of programs offering specialized dispute resolution services, such as special education mediation; and people involved in research on conflict management.

PCM's Role in the Dispute Resolution Field

A History of Accomplishments

In 1993 PCM partnered with the Pennsylvania Bar Association to develop and pass legislation granting mediators a confidentiality privilege comparable to that enjoyed by social workers, clergy and psychiatrists. This was an important step in protecting a cornerstone of the mediation process.

PCM has led the discussion on credentialing for mediators in Pennsylvania. With both a national debate on the merits and cautions on this issue, as well as the increasing appearance of definitions of mediation in legislation and court rules, PCM has hosted dialogue among interested stakeholders in the field and developed its own voluntary guidelines on credentialing, best practices and ethics.

Plans for the Future

PCM will continue to monitor legislative initiatives and collaborate with the Pennsylvania Bar and other conflict resolution organizations seeking ways to make Pennsylvania more hospitable to mediation as a way of resolving disputes.

Organization and Structure

PCM brings together individuals from across the state who share a common interest in mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution. The work of PCM is carried out by standing and ad hoc committees, with overall policy and direction set by the Board of Directors.

Our Mission

The Pennsylvania Council of Mediators brings together individuals and organizations that share a common interest in mediation as the preferred form of dispute resolution. PCM strives to increase the use of mediation through: